Traditional Investors

These investors will only give you 20% to 30% (for partners) of the equity (even if you are self-funded; do NOT reach out to them if you are self-funded and expect good terms from these investors). Higher end for partners and experienced Searchers, lower end for first-time Searchers without experience. If you are new to this field you will be negotiating for 20-25% of the equity in the normal three tranches. You will find that only one or two of these investors will be interested in communicating regularly with you while the rest are more passive -- at least until you find a business to acquire.

Jaffrael LLC

Steve Ressler


A.J. Wasserstein

Bill Egan

Mark Egan

Bob Adelson

Bob Dahl

Craig Burr

Matt Burr

Jim Johnson

Kent Weaver

Tom Cassutt

Joseph Niehaus

Mark Sinatra

David Lazier

Scott Poole

Tom Matlack

Kirk Riedinger

Jamie Turner

Matt Estep

Will Thorndike

Brad Brown

Andrew Saltoun

Mark Anderegg

Andy Love